Dashboard Bugfix and Instructions 

Instructions for Users:

2. Run the file. Follow the instructions that appear on screen.

3. Grazier's Dashboard is now patched. You may delete the patch file; it is not needed anymore.

· Fixed Scope display error, when beginning scope year was different to end scope year
· Fixed ctrl+scroll zoom function altering page position
· Fixed animal prompt throwing an unhandled exception with Species choices
· Fixed birth prompt throwing an unhandled exception when creating new animal. Also fixed some possible cases with other prompts having the same behaviour.
· Fixed program not determining flock numbers to final day in state when a leap year was present
· Fixed focus jumping around while graze editing
· Added Shift + scroll for cycling tabs
· (Advanced mode only) Added button to copy scope variables from previous year for :
· - Animals
· - Financial objects
· - Validity only items