Graziers Dashboard Update 

Grazing Naturally Nuts and Bolts Workshop 1 with the ‘Graziers Dashboard’ © computer program.

  • The first 2 day session will lay emphasis on the management of stock flows and biological plans with one seasons grazing plan.
  • The second session will concentrate on planning the other season and build further skills needed to take grazing planning to the next level.
  • Running scenarios with emphasis on the tools to analyze risk and opportunity.
  • Look back at what actually came of plans done and work shop issues and ideas that will help you take your grazing businesses from ‘Good to Great’.
  • Participants use the ‘Graziers dashboard’© computer program and generate their own whole property grazing plans. Both Open season planning (growing season) and one for the Closed season (Non growing season) are prepared.



  • Go home with ‘Graziers Dashboard’ © program with plans that are seasonally appropriate to your business.
  • Gain tools to make informed and quick decisions around the all-important issue of Stocking Rate versus Carrying capacity.
  • Develop the Ability to easily make and adjust grazing plans without heaps of paper work, pencils, rubbers and calculators.
  • Practice with running future plans and test options with the ‘Graziers Dashboard’ © program.
  • Gain additional practice and skill to quickly and logically see what the outcomes and risks are likely to be when making a decision to buy or sell stock, essential skills for the trader and the breeder.