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Good news! Grazing Naturally Workshops are now supported by the NSW Rural Assistance Authority. Contact Dick Richardson for details on 0429 069 001 or email if you would like to arrange or attend one of the following workshops:


Grazing Naturally - Nuts and Bolts Course

The workshop is for participants who have completed the Grazing Naturally Introductory Field Day, and already practising Holistic and Cell grazing


Grazing Naturally – Farm Tour

A two day intensive bus trip in regional NSW with an evening discussion forum over dinner on the middle night. Tour visits two properties per day, where, following a presentation by property managers, participants investigate and assess business decisions and actual outcomes  on the ground and in the paddock


Grazing Naturally – Introductory Field Day

Current ecological theories are analysed and interpreted from a natural perspective. Practical activities and applications are demonstrated as simple and viable solutions to address ecological decline in grazing agriculture in changing climatic and economic conditions.


Workshops cover topics including:

  • The effects of management changes on ecology 
  • Gaining an insight into the failure of grazing systems
  • Why holistic & cell grazing works initially then fails or leads to stagnation
  • The importance of soil depth on profitability & practical ways to increase it
  • Building soil depth & maturity with animals
  • The relationship between management decisions & landscape function
  • Question and answer session in the paddock
  • STAC method of feed assessment
  • An introduction to the Maia computer program for whole property grazing plans and monitoring of grazing history