Grazing Naturally Program with Dick Richardson

The practical application of planned and cell grazing is generally found wanting.  The results are short term and people tend to lose motivation and direction. Ecological improvement begins to plateau and even decline in some situations. Animal performance remains a conundrum and this often spills over into reduced cash turnover and profit.

The Grazing Naturally program takes holistic management and cell grazing principles to a higher level. The idea behind this program is to improve grazing management proficiency for people and businesses that have already made some grazing management effort or attended Holistic and Cell grazing courses. Through the training people become equipped with the tools an skills to plan grazing simply on a computer and easily assess risk and opportunity with regards to animals and land. This is particularly focused and evident with improved animal and land performance being the norm rather than the exception.

The Grazing Naturally program and facilitation is designed with these outcomes in mind.


Grazing Naturally Day with Dick Richardson

A one day entertaining and instructional presentation on the principles and basics of Grazing Naturally. The morning is spent in an interactive session around a flipchart. The afternoon is spent in the paddock discussing the practical aspects of the morning session.

  • Understanding ecological succession from a community dynamics point of view.

  • The effects of management changes on ecology.

  • The dynamics of management.

  • Building soil depth and maturity with animals.

  • The step by step of change.

  • Management tools

Grazing Naturally Camp

A two day practical mostly outdoor training session concentrating on the touch and feel of grazing naturally.  People who have spent a day with Dick Richardson are always looking to spend more time with him and this is the ultimate opportunity.

  • Reading the land.

  • Assessing and setting specific goals for landscapes.Assessing and setting specific goals for landscapes.

  • Identifying the best course of action for individual paddocks.

  • Observing animal behaviour and what it means in terms of grazing impact and animal performance.

  • Working with animals in the landscape for better outcomes.

  • The application of Grazing Naturally principles.

Grazing Naturally Nuts and Bolts Workshop

Made up of 2 by 2 day modules, covering grazing planning, risk mitigation and identifying opportunities using the 'Maia' computerised platform.

  • The first 2 day session will lay emphasis on the management of stock flows and biological plans with one seasons grazing plan.

  • The second session will concentrate on planning the other season and build further skills needed to take grazing planning to the next level.

  • Running scenarios with emphasis on the tools to analyse risk and opportunity.

  • Look back at what actually came of plans done and work shop issues and ideas that will help you take your grazing businesses form 'Good to Great'.

  • Participants use the 'Maia' computerised grazing platform and generate their own whole property grazing plans. Both Open season planning (growing season) and one for the Closed season (Non growing season) are prepared.

  • take a look at some videos on the 'Maia' computerised grazing platform on the website via the following link

Grazing Naturally "Grass Group"

The Grass Group option to those who are ready and keen to take their business and grazing management to further levels with a facilitated support group. this is when your actual grazing plans and skills gained from previous training are put into perspective with the whole business and developed in a group setting.

  • Meet four times per year.

  • Seasonally applicable discussion and assessment with facilitation and peers.

  • Various membership options available including or excluding monthly consulting by phone and additional on-site farm visits.

Maia Grazing

Dick's own computerised grazing planning system has now been incorporated into Maia technologies web and app based grazing management tool.

 The 'Maia' computerised grazing platform is an easy to use, online grazing management tool that helps farmers maximise their pastures and profits in the good times and reduce risks in difficult times.

Farm Management and Consulting Services

Dick is available to provide farm management and consulting services to a limited number of clients. To discuss your requirements with Dick, please call him on 0429 069 001 or email to