Dick brings a wealth of grazing management knowledge from his practical experience from his grazing days with his business based in NW South Africa.
It is refreshing in Southern Australia to have access to Dick’s ‘ecological‘ wisdom and ‘practical grazing knowledge’ and to be able to offer this to Southern Australia livestock producers as not all Southern livestock producers are looking for pasture and grazing management assistance based on ‘inputs’ (eg fertiliser, pasture renovation) alone.

Having run his grazing business in South Africa based upon ‘ecological’ principles and without the reliance upon fertiliser, diesel and dollars, Dick is adept at driving grass production and grass utilisation through ‘ecological’ means. He gets livestock mouths and feet (‘tools’) to pulse the pasture/pasture roots and drive energy production into new pasture plant growth &/or new pasture plants. This is all achieved through Dick’s remarkable powers of observation – make a change and observe the effect! As such his approach to grazing management is uncomplicated and not reliant upon science and numbers – it is one of ‘event management’ – what needs to be achieved now/what is my weak link now? What are the ‘tool’s I have to use? Apply the ‘tool’ of choice and observe the effect!

His ecological approach to grazing management is therefore ‘low cost’- particularly appealing to some segments of the Southern Australia livestock producers.

Chris Scheid, Director, ProAdvice

I’ve known Dick for many years as a consulting colleague and farm manager.

He has a deep affinity with the landscape, livestock and the people that depend on and work with both. He is a reference point for me on holistic management and one of just a few people I refer clients to as a teacher and mentor in livestock and grazing management.

In terms of hands on skill, knowledge and practical advice …Dick is a leader in this field.

Sean Martyn
PrincipleFocus Coffs Harbour