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The 'Grazing Naturally' Method means many grazes in the priority paddock and therefore lot's of dung pats per square meter! When dung beetles are this active this grows soil like you can't believe!

Our Mission

Grazing Naturally is about enabling people and businesses to realise the potential of working with nature to produce greater resilience and profitability.


Established in 2012

Grazing Naturally is born of Dick Richardson’s passion for nature and his insights into the symbiotic relationships within nature that create the impulse to drive change.

The Grazing Naturally Program combines listening to the environment and responding appropriately with comprehensive planning, risk mitigation and grazing animals.


The Benefits

The benefits of Grazing Naturally are good animal performance while the ecosystem develops into a grazing oriented community with deeper and more mature soils.
Agriculture remains a low-returns / high-inputs industry with people gaining little traction for a lot of work because most of the energy in agriculture is spent fighting nature. Collaborating with the natural flow and vibrancy of nature allows relatively small inputs of energy to achieve progressively higher gains. Using varied natural patterns of grazing enhances both the grazing organic community and soil life. This develops the form of natural grasslands and savannahs with healthy, vibrant plants and animals, with soils that are deep and high in carbon.
The benefits of Grazing Naturally are balanced ecologically and economically and are simultaneously more productive resulting in improved quality of life.

Our Team

Unleash the coiled spring of nature through Grazing Naturally programs  

Dick Richardson

Dick Richardson is an internationally recognised leader in the practice of natural grazing to improve soil depth and health, water retention, increased biodiversity and animal production.

Ian Little

Ian Little is an environmental scientist and a Grazing Naturally support person. He works in mine rehabilitation and with Terrain NRM in the wet tropics of Queensland Australia. His main work is in erosion remediation and more importantly in the prevention of erosion through the enhancement of the water cycle using the 'Grazing naturally' Method. Ian is based on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland.

Sally Mildner

Sally Mildner has been working with Dick Richardson since 2015. She has worked on various properties in NSW using the 'Grazing Naturally' method and managed others in tandem with Dick Richardson. Sally is part of Dick Richardson's program of developing the next generation of educators and consultants in the Australian landscape.

Rob Young

Rob Young brings to Grazing Naturally wide ranging experience in intensive and extensive commercial and stud grazing enterprises, feed lotting, stockfeed manufacture and research organisations having held roles at all levels including management in these sectors over a period of more than 25 years. He holds dual degrees in Agricultural Science and Business Management from the University of Queensland and Marcus Oldham College.


Grazing Naturally supports the use of the MaiaGrazing software to integrate livestock and grass inventories. MaiaGrazing is used in the training and as the main vehicle for grazing management decision support. Graziers need to be able to assess the effects of feed availability on carrying capacity so that stocking rates can be matched to available feed and economic returns maintained from good stock performance.

MaiaGrazing is currently unsurpassed as a tool for organising livestock numbers, mobs, feed demand and forage assessments to match stocking rate to carrying capacity. In addition, grazing planning, monitoring and control is made simple and user friendly. The grazing chart, trend lines and rainfall analysis are utilised in forecast scenarios with MaiaGrazing, making this the ultimate tool for risk assessment and decision making.

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